Strategic Plan 2014-2018

Goal 1: Secure funding that adequately meets the needs of the library. Strategy 1.1: Meet with town and village officials to discuss funding arrangements for the library.Strategy 1.2: Examine the feasibility of changing the library’s status to secure stable funding.Strategy 1.3: Continue efforts to establish the Lewiston Public Library Foundation.

Strategy 1.4: Determine status of current efforts to establish the foundation.

Strategy 1.5: Maintain a strong and supportive relationship with the Friends of the Library.

Strategy 1.6: Provide assistance to Friends of Library in continuing the annual book sale.

Target 1.1: Increase funding 3% each year over the next five years
Goal 2: Increase community-outreach efforts. Strategy 2.1:Develop a quarterly program featuring speakers on major issues affecting the community.Strategy 2.2: Develop programs and activities that are of interest to teens.Strategy 2.3: Partner with the Lower Niagara Chamber of Commerce to establish a community calendar.

Strategy 2.4: Increase use of community room.

Strategy 2.5: Consult with local schools to establish mutually beneficial relationships.

Strategy 2.6: Educate public on types of community information available at the library.

Strategy 2.7: Promote use of local history and genealogy departments.

Target 2.1:Conduct annual customers satisfaction survey of stakeholders with at least 75% affirmative responses(program speakers, activities of interests, awareness of information availability)Target 2.2: Establishing and maintaining a community calendar with the NACOCTarget 2.3: Increase usage of community room by 5% each year

Target 2.4: Develop, nurture, and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with local schools

Goal 3: Determine the immediate and future needs of the library’s physical plant. Strategy 3.1: Determine funding strategies for replacement of the roof. Target 3.1: Set aside $10,000 each year for roof replacements (fundraisers)Target 3.2: Form committee to determine feasibility of partnering with Seneca ParkTarget 3.3: Dispose of 2% of unusable or unnecessary inventory each year
Goal 4: Establish a coffee shop within the confines of the library. Strategy 4.1: Form a board committee to:-Designate an area of the library for a shop- Determine whether to run it independently or in partnership with a current provider-If the latter, determine how profits will be split. Target 4.1: Committee submits recommendation by Oct. 1, 2014 for board action.