Strategic Plan 2020- 2024


GOAL # 1

Raise the visibility of the library to increase attendance and circulation, and to support fundraising efforts.


1. Reestablish board’s public relations committee.

2. Improve village signage for, and directions to, the library.

3. Develop body of promotional and informational materials for public consumption, such as Library by the Numbers.

4. Photograph and publicize various events, such as tax preparation assistance, summer reading program, genealogy group, Coppock plaque presentation.

5. Publicize improvements such as the new lighting system, parking lot paving.

6. Coordinate promotional efforts with the library foundation, such as business card with foundation information and logo, plus library hours.

7. Develop op-ed pieces and letters to inform public about the library and its impact on the community.

8. Study possibility of sponsoring an outdoor film series.

9. Make greater use of social media in promoting library services and events.

10. Add high school student to library board as non-voting member.


1. Boost attendance by 5% during first year of plan.

2. Have signage placed on Center and Cayuga streets.

GOAL # 2

Determine the necessity and the feasibility of expanding the library’s physical plant.


1. Develop plan of what would be included in the expansion.

2. Obtain rough cost estimates on what expansion would cost.

3. Contact Nioga Library System to determine what consulting services may be available.

4. Enlist support of library foundation if expansion is deemed necessary.


1. Develop plan and cost estimates during spring/summer 2020.

2. Contact Nioga for services during winter 2020.

3. Advise foundation of plans and enlist support as developments warrant.


Secure town funding that adequately meets the needs of the library.


1. Advise Town Board of impact of budget cuts on library operations.

2. Make public aware of the impact of budget cuts on library acquisitions.

3. Prepare presentation to Town Board on library’s budget needs.

4. Meet with foundation board to advise members on funding priorities.


Complete all strategies by the end of 2020.

Goal #4

Establish the library as a community center.


1. Provide more programs for adults beginning in January 2020.

2. Make outside groups aware of the meeting space available.

3. Encourage artists to display their work and patrons to display their collections through newspaper articles and advertising.


Ongoing strategy.

Change displays on a monthly basis.

Goal #5

Library will strive to provide the most up to date technology.


1. Update patron computers on a periodic basis.

2. Update audio visual equipment in community room within two years.

3. Increase the number of computer classes for patrons beginning in January 2020.


Ongoing strategy.

Approved by the Lewiston Public Library Board of Trustees, November 4, 2019